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Step forth, brave souls! Let the Concrit begin!

Hello authors :)

It's our pleasure to announce
the 2016 Johnny's
Fan Fiction Concrit Meme
Inspired by all the fabulous concrit back at onceuponameme

What is a Concrit?
Concrit stands for "constructive criticism," aka honest, objective, non-demeaning suggestions given with the intention to help a writer improve their stories. Good concrit identifies a specific aspect that can be improved and then gives concrete suggestions on how the writer can go about fixing the problem (e.g. "I really wasn't convinced that X loved Y in this scene. I think you could make his feelings more believable if you added more descriptions of his expressions.")

Naturally, praise is also a part of the feedback giving process and many writers find it helpdul to know what they're doing right as well as what they're doing wrong. By no means should you feel like you need to be strictly critical only.

How does this work?
[For writers]

If you are a writer who has written Johnny's fan fiction that is publicly posted online, you may ask for concrit by commenting on this post under the appropriate letter for your username (if your username begins with a T, your comment should be made as a reply to the T section). If you're new to this kind of thing, just swing back to the previous concrit memes at onceuponameme to get an idea of how it works.

In your comment, please include a link either to a masterpost/AO3/fic-comm or to specific fics for which you want feedback.

Please also indicate which fandom(s) you write for.

Please comment ONLY for yourself. Don't put another writer up for undue scrutiny!
All fics should have at least one main character who is a Johnny's.

Lastly, let your readers know about us! Insert the link to your comment thread into the code below and you'll be able to pimp this on your own journal/fic comm/everywhere so your readers will know where to unleash the concrit.

[For readers/critics]
Anonymous commenting is enabled. IP logging is off. Leave your concrit as replies to the writer's post.
BE COURTEOUS. There is a distinction between flaming and being critical. Flaming is not allowed here. Being critical is encouraged.

Note: if you're trying to comment anonymously and the CAPTCHA (to prove you're human) doesn't appear, try refreshing the page and commenting again.


If you have any trouble with commenting/being marked as spam etc etc, please PM arashiconcrit.

Nervous? Don't be! This is designed to be a place where authors can seek friendly (but honest!) suggestions and advice. Everything is in the name of improving our writing and making more awesome fics for the fandom.

So now, authors, let's begin!
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